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About the Department

Department Title

Department of Computer Science.  Faculty of Science, Khon Kaen University.


Department of Computer Science. Science Building 6, (SC. 06). Faculty of Science,  University of Khon Kaen 

Phone: 101-103 0-4336-2188-90 

Fax: 0-4334-2910.


Our Philosophy 
Knowledge, wisdom and moral instruction


Our Aspirations
Our aspirations are mirrored in our philosophy, we want  intelligence to be consistent with the direction of educational development and operations in the same direction.


Our Vision 
The department's vision is to be an organisation that helps develop educational excellence in our undergraduate and postgraduate students in the fields of Computer Science and Information Technology.. Our aim is to be a source of knowledge and academic services for the Northeast region,. Mekong Sub-region and for Thailand. This vision will help the Department of Computing and Khon Kaen University as a whole to deliver an education to our students of international standards.

Our Mission
Our mission is to produce graduates in computer science and information technology who are fully equipped with the knowledge, wisdom and moral instruction in basic computer science and information technology to students of various Khon Kaen University. Research to create knowledge, to develop a balanced and sustainable. Academic service to society in the Northeast. Networking and cooperation. And technical support to countries. In the Mekong Sub-region and beyond.


- Bachelor and Master Production. Computer science. Department of Information Technology. And academic recognition from a distance and geographic information.

- Service Learning and Teaching basic computer and information technology to the various faculties. The University of Khon Kaen

- Research study a body of knowledge to develop and apply knowledge to the application of technology. Transfer of development of the country to compete.

- Provide technical analysis, consulting training, advanced information technology on society.

- Fostering art and culture With all the good preservation of the society. And apply new technologies to encourage the preservation of Thai culture.


Computer Science is one of the scientific disciplines involved in the development of human society to progress to obtain information useful to their lives. Bachelor of Computer Science. Must have the skills and expertise in developing software as well. With expertise in systems analysis. To design integrated systems to meet human and computer systems. To coordinate together as one. Study habits are like. New academic and research knowledge that could lead to the application of science to work properly. A sense of professional ethics.

Department of Computer Science. Faculty of Science Khon Kaen University. Open to students, first year 2529, which currently is only one branch in the department of mathematics Faculty of Science Later, was officially established on 23 March 2537, located at 3rd floor, Science (SC06) Faculty of Science Khon Kaen University. Currently the department. The course teaching both undergraduate and graduate can be identified as follows.

 Bachelor level 3 course
-. Bachelor of Science. Computer Science. 
-. Bachelor of Science. Information Technology. And communication 
-. Bachelor of Science. Geographic information science field.

 There are 3 master level courses.
-. Master of Science. The field of remote sensing and geographic information
-. Master of Science. Computer Science.
-. Master of Science. Information Technology.


 There is 1 PhD course.
-.Master of Philosophy in Computer Science.  (English.program)

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